Arborjet Eco-1 Garden Spray Concentrate – 8 oz


8 oz

  • Botanical Insect, Mite & Disease Control
  • For use on Fruits & Vegetables, Herbs, Roses, Flowers, Houseplants, Trees & Shrubs
  • Controls powdery mildew, black spot and rust
  • Kills aphids, whiteflies and mites.

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Directions For Use:
Dilute with water before use. Shake well. Read entire label and use accordingly. Spray plant surfaces until wet making applications to upper and lower leaf and stem surfaces.

How To Apply:
After mixing with water, use as a spray application. Thoroughly spray Eco-1 Garden Spray Concentrate mixture on the upper and lower leaf and stem surfaces, especially new shoots and underside of leaves until wet, avoiding excessive runoff. Repeat applications every 7-14 days. Under heavy insect and disease pressure, use the shortest application interval. Under light pressure, the application interval may be extended. Continue applications at regular intervals until insect or disease populations are sufficiently controlled.



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