Barberry, Worry Free ‘Crimson Cutie’ – 1.5 Gallon Pot


1.5 Gallon Pot

Berberis thunbergii UCONNBTCP4N PPAF

Crimson Cutie® represents the first in a series of non-invasive Japanese barberries bred and tested by the University of Connecticut. Living up to its WorryFree® collection name, Crimson Cutie® will not produce nuisance seedlings or spread to unwanted areas. Approved for sale in New York State by the Department of Environmental Conservation. This replacement for Crimson Pygmy is excellent as an accent or foundation plant in addition to low hedge and border uses. Definitely, not a favorite of deer!


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Sun Exposure:
Pt Sun / Sun

Flower Color:
Yellow Flowers In Late Spring And Red Berries In Fall

1.5-2 Feet

3-3.5 Feet

* Deer Resistant
* Dramatic Foliage

Moist, Well-drained soil



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