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Controls destructive worms, and caterpillars in and around vegetable and flower gardens. Has no effect on birds, earthworms or beneficial insects such as honey bees and ladybugs. May be used on edibles right up to the day of harvest.

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Directions For Use:

FOR USE: Apply this product when worms or caterpillars are first
noticed, then repeat at five (5) to seven (7) day intervals while they
are active. Apply more frequently to control heavy infestations.
Apply thoroughly to top and bottom of foliage. Reapply after heavy
This product must be eaten by worms or caterpillars to be effective.
After ingesting the insecticide, they immediately stop feeding
though they may otherwise appear to be unaffected for several
days. Best results are obtained by treatments when worms are
small; they must be actively feeding on treated, exposed foliage.
You may apply this product up to and on the day of harvest.
How To Apply:
Always SHAKE this product thoroughly before use.
Spray leaf surfaces thoroughly, top and bottom, for complete
control. Shake regularly while spraying.
Fruits And Vegetables:
Spray all plant foliage. Apply at first sign of infestation and repeat at weekly intervals when needed to insects in the fruit and vegetable garden:
Cabbage Looper, Armyworms, Hornworms, and other Lepidopteran (moth) pests on broccoli, cauliflower, collards, kale, mustard greens, turnip greens, cabbage, celery, lettuce, pepper, eggplant, melons, and tomatoes.
Shade Trees & Ornamentals In And Around The Home:
Spray at first sign of infestation and repeat at weekly intervals
when needed to maintain control. Apply to thoroughly cover all
foliage surfaces of shade trees and ornamentals for control of the
following leaf-feeding worms:
Fall Cankerworm
Tent Caterpillar
Fall Webworm
Spring Cankerworm
Gypsy Moth*
Elm Spanworm
*Apply when buds swell, but before leaves are fully open. If
eggs hatch over a long period of time or reinfestation occurs,
spray about 14 days after application.