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John Evelyn, a 17th century gardener and author, wrote that sorrel imparts “so grateful a quickness to the salad that it should never be left out”. Popular in France and England for centuries, this wonderful green is underused in the U.S., and unjustifiably so; its spring leaves can be used as salad greens, as a complement to fish, or mixed in with spinach or chard. Very high in vitamin C. Sorrel stays green even after frost, so you will have many months of harvests!

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Botanical Name: Rumex acetosa

Days to Maturity: 60 days

Family: Polygonaceae

Native: Morocco, Europe, Asia, and Australia

Hardiness: Hardy perennial in USDA zones 3–7

Plant Dimensions: 18″–24″ tall and wide

Variety Information: Green, crinkled, arrow-shaped leaves with lemony spinach flavor

Attributes: Good for Containers