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You are in for a real treat with this gourmet, but often overlooked, garden wonder. Also called Roman or Florence fennel, the crisp, bulbous stem has a delicious, anise flavor and can be eaten raw, sautéed, fried, and used in soups or pasta. Feathery foliage is attractive and is an excellent fresh garnish. Seed can also be harvested as a spice. For best “bulb” production, sow for fall harvest.

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Botanical Name: Foeniculum vulgare var. azoricum

Family: Apiaceae

Native: Africa, Asia, and Europe

Hardiness: Perennial in USDA zones 4–9; grown as an annual.

Plant Dimensions: Foliage from 2’–4′ tall; the “bulb”, 3″–4″ diameter at the base

Variety Information: The crunchy, dense, licorice-flavored “bulb” is comprised of tightly layered, overlapping, swollen stalk ends. The feathery foliage looks similar to dill, but has a delicate, anise flavor. The seeds also taste similar to anise or licorice. ‘Romanesco’ is a florence type fennel.

Exposure: Full sun