Broccoli ‘Green Magic’ – Pack


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Pack (4 plants in a pack)

It’s a toss-up whether Green Magic is more valuable for its buttery flavor or its terrific heat tolerance. This uniform, dependable blue-green beauty is beloved in gardens across the country, wowing with generous yields made even greater by the excellent tolerance of downy mildew, a foe of many other varieties. Compact and very productive, it will become your go-to broccoli from the very first season you grow it.

Green Magic Hybrid sets smooth, nicely domed heads with mid-size beads very tightly packed. It’s suitable for picking two ways: either the entire crown in one fell swoop or the central stalk first, then numerous side-shoots as they arise afterward. Cutting the main head encourages side-shoot growth.

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Sun Exposure:
Full Sun

Size Or Color When Ripe:
Central heads should be cut before they pass their prime (6-9 in/15-23 cm in diameter) just before the tiny buds of the head begin to open. Side shoot growth is encouraged after the central head is cut, providing an abundant harvest of smaller 2-3 in/5-8 cm heads.

22-24 Inches


Days Until Maturity:
57 Days

Well Drained



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