Brussel Sprouts ‘Jade Cross E’


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Pack (4 plants in a pack)

Jade Cross E is a fine hybrid that produces high yields of deep green, flavorful 1/4 to 1″ round sprouts on 28″ plants. The plants are more compact than other varieties, which makes them less subject to wind damage. Its early maturity allows for later planting when cooler growing conditions are more favorable. This variety is one of the best for freezing.

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Sun Exposure:
Full Sun

Size Or Color When Ripe:
As sprouts form at the base of the plant, remove the lower leaves and stems. Pinch out the center of the plant about Sept.15th. This encourages rapid development of the upper sprouts. Plants are harvested from the bottom up, as each sprout reaches about 1 in/25 mm in diameter. Plants are picked 4 or 5 times. Sprouts harvested after moderate or heavy Nov. frosts are much sweeter tasting.

2-4 Feet


Days Until Maturity:
90-120 Days

Well Drained