Citrus, Key Lime (Bush) – 1 Gallon Pot


1 Gallon Pot

Citrus ‘Key Lime’

Produces small round to oblong fruit that has an invigorating blend of acidity and sweetness that is unique and unlike any other lime in the world. The rind of Key Lime is thin and smooth, and the color is deep green when unripe that turns to pale green when ready to be harvested.

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Sun Exposure:
Full Sun, Direct Sun

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* To determine if your limes are ready for harvesting, check if the rind color has turned from dark green to light green, feels smooth to the touch, and gives a little when gently squeezed. If the juice is appropriate then it is time to harvest but if there is not enough juice, you need to wait a few more days before harvesting. Do not ripen once picked off the tree.

Well Drained

Annual In Ohio


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