Citrus, Lemon ‘Pink Variegated’ – 3 Gallon Pot


3 Gallon Pot

Citrus ‘Lemon Pink Variegated’

Has distinctive green and yellow variegated stripes and pink blush. The lemons are smaller than regular lemons but have pink flesh, clear juice, and a wonderful lemon flavor. Well suited for desserts.

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Lemons take a few months (as long as 9 months) to mature. As the fruits reach maturity, the stripes fade and the rind turns yellow with noticeable pink oil glands. Usually ready for harvest when the rind has turned from striped-green to yellow, has a slightly glossy appearance, and is firm to the touch. Taste to determine if the flavor is satisfactory and if there is sufficient juice. If not satisfied, wait for a week or two before doing another taste test.

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