Citrus, Orange ‘Navel’ (Bush) – 8 Inch Pot


8 Inch Pot

Citrus ‘Navel Orange’

Oranges are self-pollinating and don’t need bees to produce fruit. Oranges are one of the world’s most popular fruits whether eaten whole or squeezed for their juice. They are loaded with vitamin C and are high in fiber and folate, which makes then a healthful choice for snacking and meals.

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Full Sun, Direct Sun

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* After the fruits start to grow, they take 7-8 months to become ripe. To determine the ripeness of the orange fruit, check the texture by squishing it gently. A ripe orange will be soft but will take over a few weeks to become sweet. The fruit develops a vibrant, shiny orange color when fully grown. Simply hold and twist the orange and it will come off. Avoid using too much force as it might damage the plant. You can also use a shear to nip the fruits off the branch.  Choose an orange to harvest that smells sweet, fresh, and citrusy, not moldy. The surest way to check to see if an orange tree is ready to be picked is to taste one or two fruits before you harvest the entire tree.  Oranges are a non-climacteric fruit which means that they will not ripen after being picked off the tree.


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