Citrus, Persian Lime (Bush) – 1 Gallon Pot


1 Gallon Pot

Citrus ‘Persian Lime’

Because of its versatility and unique taste, Persian limes can be eaten straight out of your hand, used for cooking, added to drinks, or used as garnishing numerous dishes.

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Sun Exposure:
Full Sun, Direct Sun

Flower Color:



* The optimal time to pick this fruit is when the dark green skin has lightened up a little bit or when you see specks of pale green in areas of the fruit skin. Another way to tell if the fruit is ripe is by lightly squeezing it. If the fruit is unripe it would not give and will feel solid to the touch while a ripe fruit would give a bit when squeezed. Try one and if the juice content is about 40% or more and has a spicy citrus lime taste, then it is the right time to harvest those limes from your tree.

Well Drained

Annual In Ohio


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