Citrus, Tangerine ‘Murcott’ (Bush)- 1 Gallon


1 Gallon

The Murcott tree, also known as the Honey Tangerine Tree, is favored for its fruit, which has a sweet flavor and extremely juicy flesh. The skin of the medium-sized Murcott is deep orange, and the flesh and juice are a vibrant red-orange color.

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Full Sun/ Pt Shade

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* Harvesting: The fruit of the Murcott Tangerine will begin to appear in fall, and reach maturity from winter through early spring. You will know it is time to harvest your fruit when their color turns from green and yellow-green, to deep orange. The best way to know if the Murcott fruit is ready is to pick a few and do a taste test. The flesh should be juicy and sweet-tart. If the taste is bitter or overly sour, allow the fruit to mature for another week, then do a new taste test.

Water thoroughly throughout the growing and blooming seasons, but never allow the soil to remain soggy.



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