Cotoneaster, First Editions© ‘Autumn Inferno’ – 2 Gallon Pot


5 Gallon Pot

Discovered at Bron & Sons Nursery in British Columbia, this new Cotoneaster is a natural cross between C. lucidus and C. apiculatus. It has many of the attributes of C. lucidus that we so love for a hedge – great form, easily pruned, great foliage all season long plus great fall color. But what we really love about Autumn Inferno™ is the small red berries formed along the stems in fall. The berries stay on the plant until the birds come and take them, no mess involved. Perfect as a pruned formal hedge or let it go natural.

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Sun Exposure:
Full Sun / Pt Shade

Flower Color:

5-6 Feet

4-5 Feet

* Fall Color
* Ornamental Berries

Moist, Well-Drained




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