Durasack Heavy Duty Tote Bag Blue – 22 Gallon


16 in. L x 16 in. W x 20 in.

The DuraSack Tote is the Do-Everything durable multi-purpose bag built to handle household chores of any kind. Made from virtually tear-proof, puncture-proof and water-resistant woven polypropylene, the DuraSack Tote holds and hauls up to 500 lbs. of material. The Tote combines rugged durability and ease-of-use to make sure you get the job done both indoors and outdoors and its expertly engineered self-standing design ensures that the bag will remain open, upright and stable for the duration of the task. Double-stitched high carry handles and low dump handles enable multiple options for easily hauling, lifting, dragging and unloading the bag, even when handling heavy loads. Use the DuraSack Tote for a wide range of indoor and outdoor tasks, such as gardening, weeding, yardwork, storage, moving, shopping, laundry and more. When you’re done using the Tote, simply rinse, wipe clean and fold the fully reusable bag down for easy storage until the next job.

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