Espoma® Organic Charcoal – 4 Quart


4 Quart

Espoma Organic Charcoal is an all-natural high carbon material that can help improve soils. It is produced by heating untreated hardwoods to very high temperatures without oxygen in a process called pyrolysis.  The result is an excellent soil conditioner for improving potting mixes and adding better drainage in containers.
All natural Charcoal

  • Helps improve drainage
  • Use in containers & terrariums
  • Made in the USA

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When To Use:
Use when creating terrariums and when repotting

How To Apply:

For Containers with Drainage Holes:

Add up to two cups of Espoma Organic Charcoal for each cubic foot (1 heaping tbsp. per quart) of potting soil.  For best results add the appropriate amount of Bio-tone Starter Plus. Mix thoroughly, fill your container and plant your plants.


For Containers without Drainage Holes:

Add a 1 to 2 inch layer to the bottom of the container before adding potting mix.

For Terrariums:

Thoroughly wash & dry container prior to planting. Add a layer of small gravel to the bottom of the terrarium.  To that add ½ to 1 inch layer of Espoma Organic Charcoal. Add a 1” layer of sphagnum peat moss to help prevent potting mix from seeping into the drainage area.  Now add Espoma Organic Potting Mix and you are ready to plant your terrarium