Grapefruit ‘Ruby Red’ (Standard) – 10 Gallon Pot


10 Gallon Pot

A ripe Ruby Red grapefruit is roughly four to six inches in diameter and encased in yellow or orange skin. Many people mistake them for oranges at first. The inner flesh has a bright red hue, thanks to the antioxidant lycopene. The fruit is seedless and easy to peel.

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Sun Exposure:
Bright Light
Needs 6-8 Hours of Sunlight

Flower Color:




* Though known for its refreshing sweetness, the Ruby Red variety still has a touch of the bitterness typical of grapefruits. There’s also a certain tanginess that gives the juice a pleasant spark as you eat it.
* Self-fertile
* Typically, a grapefruit will start regularly producing at 5 years of age if the proper conditions are met. It will take spring until fall for fruits to be ready for harvest.

Moist, Well-Drained Soil

Annual In Ohio


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