GreenView® Starter Fertilizer – 5 M


5,000 Square Feet

GreenView® Starter Fertilizer is ideal for establishing new lawn areas. It sets the stage for exceptional performance with essential nutrients the new grass seedlings need to thrive – providing nitrogen that is both readily available and controlled release to improve growth and vitality. Starter fertilizers have a high concentration of phosphorus as their main ingredient, and unlike established lawns – grass seeds and seedlings use the phosphorus to increase the changes of germination success. You can count on GreenView® Starter Fertilizer to provide consistent, even turf growth.

  • For one-time use in spring or fall to help establish a new lawn and keep it fed during the early stages of growth while roots develop and take hold
  • Starter fertilizer should be applied just before or just after seeding
  • 10-18-10 NPK
  • Specially formulated to encourage root growth and nutrient absorption in newly seeded lawns or bare spots
  • Provides both immediate release & time-released nitrogen to provide continuous feeding for up to 8 weeks
  • We encourage you to check local ordinances regarding the use and appropriate application timing of starter fertilizer products with phosphorus when seeding new lawns
  • Covers 5,000 sq ft


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