Jacks Fertilizer Petunia Food 20-6-22 – 1.5 lb Container


1.5 lb Container

Petunia FeED 20-6-22 is designed for plants that do not take up iron efficiently in the root zone. Petunia FeED contains an enhanced micronutrient package that will produce lush green plants in any growing condition. Iron hungry plants include petunia, calibrachoa, bacopa, verbena, vinca and salvia. This low phosphorus formulation keeps plants fuller. Petunia FeED is especially effective in hanging baskets and containers that are watered often. Great for hard water areas.

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Excellent for the new generation of iron dependent annuals: petunia, calibrachoa, bacopa, diascia, nemesia, scaveola, verbena, pansy, vinca, etc.

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