Lizard’s Tail – 3 Inch Pot


3 Inch Pot

Saururus chinensis

Unusual, glossy green foliage is topped off with white leaves that emerge just below the creamy white lizard tail flowers. Each flower spike purportedly resembles a lizard’s tail, hence the common name. The flowers, leaves, and roots of this plant have a sassafrass or citrus aroma. This species produces pollen and nectar, but most pollinating visitors are small insects. Lizard’s Tail is considered deer-resistant; the foliage is toxic, especially when consumed in large quantities. Wood Ducks and other waterfowl will eat the seeds. Colony populations create dense cover, providing habitat and safe havens for shore birds as well as aquatic wildlife, including turtles, frogs, salamanders, crayfish, and small fish.


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Sun Exposure:
Pt Shade/Shade

Flower Color:

1-3 Feet

1-2 Feet

* For water gardens, plant in containers in shallow water up to 4” deep.
* Fragrant
* Deer Resistant
* Rabbit Resistant
* Native To North America

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