Lucky Bamboo Mini ‘Galileo Assorted’ – 4 Inch Pot


4 Inch Ceramic Pot

Lucky Bamboo ‘Mini Galileo’

Followers of Feng Shui believe that Lucky Bamboo Plants bring prosperity and good fortune to a home or business. If a Lucky Bamboo Plant arrangement has three stalks it brings happiness, five stalks bring wealth, and six stalks bring health. Four stalks are never allowed in a Lucky Bamboo Plant since the word four in Chinese sounds too close to the Chinese word for death.

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Sun Exposure:
Bright Light / Medium Light, No Direct Sun

Flower Color:



Sensitive To Fluorides & Salts

Grow in water:

Use distilled water and change the water on a regular basis (2-3 months) and clean the container.
Grow In Soil:
Use well-aerated potting soil with good drainage. Keep soil moist, but not soggy.