Miracle Gro Blooming Houseplant Food


8 fl oz (236 ml)

  • Promote more blooms* on your houseplants with Miracle-Gro® Blooming Houseplant Food
  • The formula instantly feeds all blooming houseplants, including African violets. Simply apply directly to the soil or mix with water, and apply once a week
  • Enjoy bright, more colorful plants with Miracle-Gro® *versus unfed plants

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How To Use:
Apply directly to the soil or the saucer under the pot and water as normal. 2 pumps for small pots, 5 pumps for larger pots (over 6′ diameter). Rinse any foam from foliage but avoid wetting African Violet leaves.

When To Apply:
Apply weekly

Where To Use:
For use on all varieties of African violets and blooming houseplants.

Coverage Area:
2 pumps for small pots. 5 pumps for larger pots (over 6″ diameter).