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Made from high-quality longleaf or slash pine straw fiber.

Using Pine Needle Mulch benefits plants in many ways, without the use of harsh chemical products. Many vegetables and herbs thrive in the acid-rich soil conditions created by pine needle mulch.

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Directions For Use:

  • Pine needle mulch can be spread around trees, shrubs and plant material. Spread to depth of 2-3 inches.
  • It can safely be used around trees, shrubs and flowers. Create soft ground cover for pathways or play areas.
  • It is recommended that pine needle mulch be turned periodically to optimize color retention.
  • Like all natural pine straw fiber, pine needle mulch is flammable and should not be used where it can come in contact with sources of possible ignition.
  • Pine needle mulch can be used in interior plants, pots and containers.


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