Nature Bird Feeder All-In-One Oriole Buffet


12 oz

Simultaneously feed liquid nectar, jelly, and fruit to serve up an all-in-one buffet for your birds! This feeder comes with a clear protective baffle that can be assembled to the hanger to better shield the feeder from weather while maintaining optimal bird viewing. Three removable dishes allow for easier cleaning and replenishment of jelly or nectar at separate times, leading to a cleaner feeder and less wasted feed! A built-in ant moat deters these unwanted pests from reaching feed. Simply fill the cavity surrounding the hanger with water. Be sure to remove dead ants and any other debris from the moat often. This feeder comes with removable bee guards. Simply slip the guard over the base of the feeding port to prevent bees from reaching the nectar. Remove the guard for a more thorough scrub when cleaning the feeder to help prevent mold.

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