Nompi Garden Sleeve Butterfly Garden – Medium



Arm Your Arms(tm) with GardenSleeves(tm)! The patented gardening gloves help protect the arms from coming in contact with irritants such as poison ivy, spiders, fire ants, stinging nettles, wild parsnip, mosquitoes, ticks, dirt and the sun. Our 100% cotton sleeves are attached at the wrist to a nitrile dipped water resistant glove. The cool and comfortable sleeves extend over the bicep and are secured with an elastic band to prevent slipping. Leave that hot long long-sleeved shirt hanging in the closet and grab your GardenSleeves(tm) instead! Garden in style while protecting your arms with GardenSleeves(tm). The gloves are the best gloves for helping to prevent all things itchy on your arms while weeding and gardening. Fully machine washable. Line dry for best results.

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