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Pack (4 plants in a pack)

A day-neutral variety, it bears large, white bulbs with a mild flavor. They’re great eaten raw, on sandwiches, lightly cooked in salsas and stir-fries, and cooked into meat dishes, casseroles, and other recipes. It’s also a fairly good storage variety. Onions’ growth is affected by the amount of light received. Day-neutral onions, like Candy Hybrid, begin forming bulbs when daylight lasts 12-14 hours, making them well adapted throughout many areas of the United States, except the far North and deep South. Onions grow best when planted in full sun and well-drained, fertile soil.

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Sun Exposure:
Full Sun

Size Or Color When Ripe:
Pick green onions (scallions) when plants reach 6-8″ tall, while the stalks are still white at the bottom and fairly thin. When harvesting onion bulbs, about 100 days from sowing, bend the tops over when about ¼ of the tops have already fallen over and turned yellow. After a few days, pull the bulbs and cover them with the foliage to prevent sunburn. Allow onions to dry in the garden for up to a week, then cure them indoors in a warm, dry place with good air circulation for 2-3 weeks. Then cut off the foliage, leaving 1″ above the top of the bulb.

12-18 Inches

6 Inches

Days Until Maturity:
80-90 Days

Well Drained