Rose ‘Midnight Blue’


3 Gallon Pot

A black velvet purple with spicy clove fragrance like no other rose on the market. Despite being a Shrub, the compact, rounded plant will lend itself to smaller spaces and enrich any landscape. Bright green leaves contrast nicely to the mysteriously colored flowers & showy yellow stamens. Big clusters give lots of color. Deeper color & bigger blooms in cooler temps.


Pre-Order For Spring 2018. Online Only!
Get a head start this spring by purchasing your roses now. Roses are due in the 1st week of May. We will call you once they are available for pickup.
Please note that crop failures may happen and we will refund money for rose varieties that do not come in.
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Flower Color:
Very Deep, Very Velvety Purple Aging To A Novel Purple/Blue

Strong Spicy Clove Fragrance


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