Scotts Fertilizer Osmocote Flower/Veggie – 2lb


2 lb (14-14-14)

Osmocote® Smart-Release® Plant Food Flower & Vegetable has a high total nutrient content (14-14-14). The unique resin coating reacts at relatively low soil temperatures to give plants an early-season start. This formula is favored for seasonal vegetables and perennials because it promotes strong roots as well as bountiful and vigorous above-ground growth.

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When to Apply:
Apply spring and fall to the perennials around your house and in your beds and borders. For vegetable gardens, apply at the beginning of the season when crops are planted.

How to Use:
Sprinkle evenly across areas to be fed and work into the top 1-3 inches of soil or mulch.

How Often to Apply:
Repeat every 4 months.

Where to Use:
Apply regularly to young trees and shrubs. Ideal with tomatoes, garden vegetables, melons and berries.

Coverage Area:
One pound feeds a 40 square foot area.