Tomato ‘Better Boy Plus’ – 7.5 Inch Pot


7.5 Inch Pot

Better Boy Plus has all the great characteristics of the classic Better Boy, plus more flavor, disease resistance and adaptability! This bright red hybrid is unbelievably juicy and packs an unbeatable flavor.

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Tomatoes are warm soil crops. If they are planted when the soil is cold, they can become stunted and may even die. They can not tolerate frosts. If you choose to buy a tomato now, you need to keep it inside until the frost date (May 15) has passed. They are not guaranteed if you plant it now, and it dies.

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Sun Exposure:
Full Sun

Fruit Color When Ripe:
6-8 Ounces

Days Until Maturity:
75-80 Days

Determinate or Indeterminate:


Well Drained