TriColor Garden Mum ‘Trick Or Treat’ – 9 Inch Pot


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9 Inch Pot

Tricolor Mum ‘Trick Or Treat’

  • Jolly Cheryl Red
  • Sparkling Cheryl Yellow
  • Regal Cheryl Purple

Three different colors grown together in the same pot.

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Sun Exposure:
Full Sun / Pt Sun

Flower Color:
Red, Yellow, Purple


Winter Protection:
Keep your garden mums’ soil moist as winter approaches.  There is no need to prune back plants until the following spring.  In fact, Yoder Brothers of Barberton, Ohio have proven, by experiment, that mums cut back in early spring, instead of fall, survive hard winters better.

Mulch the plants after several hard frosts with straw or evergreen branches, etc.  In spring, remove any old stems (a rake works fine) and gradually remove the mulch.

Moist, Well-drained soil

Annual In Ohio


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